Welcome to Penang First Worship & Creative Arts (WACA) Ministry!

Being a ‘Praise & Power Pack Church’ 

We, as the creative team of Penang First have a mandate to spread the good news through every creative means. It is a great privilege to serve the Lord and His people in the area of music, worship, media, sound, lighting, drama, dance, and production. As God has given us gifts and talents, it is to be used for His service and for us to continue to develop those gifts so we can be more effective. What we do is not just fulfilling the given duties or responsibilities, but rather facilitate the core vision of our church.

May God bless you!

Our Mission:

To build an anointed and united team with an identity; working in a structure which creates and instills a culture of worship that will not only permeate the congregation of Penang First but also through the team diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in the region and beyond. (2 Corinthians 2:14-15)

Praise & Worship

- Worship Team.
- Worship Band.
- Choir Team.

Creative Arts

- Dance.
- Drama.
- Production.

Our Goals:

These are the goals of WACA Ministry…


To create a closer bond and relationship within the team, one that demonstrates the unity; which comes from the love for God and for one another


To build the body of Christ and consistently inspire the church to worship in spirit and in truth, by providing an atmosphere (using quality audio, visual tools as well as creative mediums which are anointed by God), that would enable them to move into deeper and greater experience with God.


To glorify Christ and to make Him known (evangelism) with the gifts and talents which come from God the heavenly Father.