He is Risen

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Sermon Recap

What is the meaning of firstfruit?
It means the very first example. Like a new papaya tree will produce the first papaya fruit and subsequently more papayas.
It will not bear other fruits. It will always be papaya.
Likewise Jesus is the firstfruit of the resurrection.
So, Paul is using this terminology to demonstrate that we who are of Christ will follow suit.
We will follow His example of the resurrection.
The Holy Spirit who work in Christ will work in us so that we too will be raised in Christ.
Christ died and rose again and we who are in Christ will follow suit.
Christ was nailed to the cross and died, we too were symbolically nailed to the cross and died.
We rose and we were being made as new creations in Christ.
The Holy Spirit is working in us exceedingly, abundantly making us alive.
One day when Christ returns, we will be living in our gloriously resurrected body.

~ Rev Marcus Tan

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