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We have heard Jesus say in Luke 10:37, "Go and do likewise". Jesus was exhorting us to imitate the example of the Good Samaritan when we face situations which call for brotherly love. So the pages of this issue of First Happenings reflect what the church has been doing on numerous occasions in bearing the load of others in need.

On 9 February, during the evening service at Hunza sanctuary, 21 charitable organizations were appreciated for their notable work among the local community. They were each awarded with a sum of money, the collection being done during our annual Christmas Night drama held at the Dewan Sri. For Penang First, it was an act of "going and doing likewise".

It is said that "the heart sees where love is needed and acts accordingly." The unconditional love of Jesus which has saved us now becomes a love expressed freely by the church. It is demonstrated by our church ministries in various ways such as prayer, evangelism, sharing of time and foodstuff at various charitable homes they visited. The Usher Ministry together with the Ignite-Youth joined forces to visit Crystal Family Home which is an orphanage and Bethesda Home for the elderly for the 3rd consecutive year.

Just as charity begins at home, during the Chap Goh Meh gathering in Hunza, the elderly members amd friends were given special attention and served like VIPs.

God continues to move Penang First in every area, be it in the spiritual or physical. The vision of MMC is coming to pass with the prospect of occupying the building at the end of the year. Through the encouragement and prophecy of Pr. Hannah Zhang during the recent March meetings, we know that God is ensuring that the church is not lacking in any way as it goes out to touch the community with the heart of the Good Samaritan.

May the Lord bless you all richly

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